How Do I Start Blogging?

How do I start blogging? This was the first question that popped up in my mind after learning the possibility of making money online with a blog. I remember I setup my first blog October last year without knowing the meaning of the two words "blog" and "blogging". All I know is "I can make money online with blogging".

I did all the necessary research, reading, scanning, and understanding. I searched Google for articles and read a lot of posts coming from different bloggers - both professional and newbies. Some of them were able to share helpful tips while most of them only wasted my time reading their articles and in the end, I learned nothing.

One lesson I learned is that before thinking about money, think first on how to do it. You can't make money without a blog. So, if you really want to make money blogging, set-up a blog. If you are a newbie blogger, better settle with free hosted blogs like Blogger or Wordpress because they are easy to use.

How do I start blogging, you might again ask. First thing you should do is to publish your first post of course. But before that, you have to know your topic or niche. It should be something you are most interested with. Something you are passionate about. Talk about entertainment, video games, politics, current events, your personal life, travel, business, sports, or any thing as long as you have your heart in it. Don't create a make money online blog especially if you are a newbie because based on my experience and readings, most newbies who started MMO blogs failed. I am not counting you in, and it's up to you. Remember, you have been warned ;0

By the way, you should also read my post on Guide To Making Money Online Blogging for more tips. Good Luck!!!

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