Reality check: majority of Internet users, mainly men and teenagers, look for p0rnographic materials like pictures, videos, even text or articles online. With this, a lot of website designers and bloggers see this as an opportunity to make money online. They optimize keywords related to those searches hoping the traffic will convert to money - BIG money, that is.

How many of you have optimized the keywords like 'Pinay sc*ndals', 'pinoy p0rn', or any related words? I am sure most Filipino bloggers do. These are the keywords that are mostly searched in Google and Yahoo. I did not optimize these words because I don't want to... and considering the competition is tight, I don't have enough time to compete ;0

Make Money Online With Porn Sites Using Affiliate LinksOkay, now that the traffic is great, the questions are: Is p0rnographic traffic worth it? Is this keywords really make money?

With Google Adsense, it is a big NO... because Public Service Ads are displayed when p0rnographic keywords are detected.

The best way to make money is through affiliate links. There are a lot of Affiliate Marketing sites offering such products. Y0u just have to look for them. You receive commission for every lead, sales, download, or registration.

Considering the possibility, should you set up a p0rn site to make money online?

I have not made or tried out p0rn affiliates and I have no plan in the future. Aside from I think this way is illegal, I prefer earning some cash in the Internet wherein my conscience will not haunt me. There are a lot of different ways to make money online, ayt?

I’m not suggesting you should set up a p0rn site with affiliate links to make money online.. The decision is yours. Just a heads up, p0rn is probably the best money maker on the internet because of the traffic it brings ;0

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