Most bloggers, if not all, knows that blogging can make a stable monthly income especially when combined with proper ingredients to be a successful money maker. Among the million bloggers and sploggers in the Internet, how many of them are successful who can share their success stories to motivate us?

The blogging success stories of John Chow and Darren Rowse have affected most newbies, noobs, even pros bloggers for their own success. There are a lot of bloggers out there, who claim to be making money online, but they can't share proofs, unlike the two mentioned above.

I can name some who make thousands of dollars a month... but of course, you already know them and read their blogs religiously. From each of their posts, we learn a lesson ot two. Personally, whenever I have the time, I blog hop. But there are times I get lazy to read other blogs. But, I admit - reading success stories really motivate me a lot in my journey to make money online free. I feel I wanna be like them too...

How about you? Do you read other blogs, too? Do you learn a lesson, apply, and share it to your readers? How did the success story of a blogger affect you?

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