I've been inactive with this blog for a while because of some "confidential stuffs" that I need to settle. The year 2009 is a busy year so I have to focus. However, that does not mean I have to forget giving updates in this blog. Nah, that would never happen. I will try to post new articles here as soon as I can. If I did not, forgive me ;0

Back to the main topic of this post, sad to say, my Mylot account is locked. When I try to login to my account earlier today, I get the following message (cIick the image to enlarge):

Mylot Account Is Locked
I followed the "Contact Us" link and selected the "Why is my account inactive?" and got the following answer:
Mylot Account Is Locked
What? I violated their TOS? How come? Obviously, I did not because I have been inactive with Mylot for a long time now... but I login at least once a week to check my earnings accumulated from my referrals' commission. Unless it says inactivity or not posting discussions is against their policy, then I am guilty.

Well, it's okay. Inactivation of account really happens, not only to me but with many online money makers out there. It's just so sad knowing I can no longer login to my Mylot account. Afterall, Mylot is my foundation. I love this program. I learned there a lot about blogging and also earned some friends. In total, they have paid me $118.94 and expecting $10.71 next month. But since my account is no longer active, I will be expecting nothing.

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