Today, I joined Zotspot. I read it from a money-making forum which I recently visited. Since most of the members are satisfied with Zotspot, I then joined. This is a free program so I have nothing to lose if I try. Who knows, I will get paid too, just like the other members.

There is nothing much to share today about Zotspot since I am still a new member but I assure you I will keep on updating about this program in the near future. Right now, here are the only things I can share which I primarily copied from ZotsPot FAQs :D

Get Paid To Search with ZotspotZotspot is an Internet search website that shares its revenue with the user. You can keep your earnings or donate them to charities or universities. It is incorporated in the state of New York and has relationships with numerous reputable organizations such as Bank of America and News Corp.

There are two ways to earn money with Zotspot. First is by using Zotspot as your primary Internet search engine, and referring people (or organizations) to the Zotspot service. You will earn money with Zotspot for up to three levels of referrals.

Payments will be made via PayPal. If you reside in a country which does not support PayPal accounts, there is no way to retrieve your earnings at this time. However, you can still donate your earnings to the many charitable causes on their site.

If you refer a lot of people, you can earn a lot of money with Zotspot. Encourage your referrals to download the Zotspot toolbar to make searching easier. If they prefer not to, then just have them set the Zotspot page as homepage.

To join, click the banner above or click here.

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