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Listed above are some emails that are known to be spam or unsolicited commercial email.

I am sure most of us receive lots of junk or deceptive email messages everyday? If you do, here are some tips I can share to avoid yourself from receiving junk emails.

1. If possible, do not to display your email address in public such as newsgroup postings, chat rooms, websites, or in an online service's membership directory. Spammers may use them to gather email addresses.

2. Before submitting your address to a website, check the privacy policy. Verify if it allows the company to sell your address. Do not submit your email address at websites that won't guard it. If the website appears to be deceitful, think twice before submitting your personal information.

4. Better use two email addresses — one for personal messages and one for newsgroups and chat rooms. I personally use three emails on my own - one for business, one for personal, and one for my online matters. This avoids me from receiving spam emails from my personal email address.

If you receive deceiving emails from people you don't personally know, IGNORE or DELETE it. Try not to open emails that are already in your Spam or Bulk folder. Here are some tips that you should do with spam emails:

1. If the sender appear to be bogus, don’t open it
2. Don't click on links, as these may be a phishing link.
3. Don't open any attachments.
4. Don't reply or respond in any way.
5. Don't be tempted to believe that anything said in a spam email is true. Think twice.

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