Recently, I was asked by a fellow blogger if it's safe to give his Paypal email address to different websites. I answered "Yes. It is 100% safe to give your Paypal email address to anyone, as long as you will not give your password."

Paypal is a safe way to receive money online. It's up to you if you'll keep your account safe or not. As safety precautions, here are some tips you should take note in doing your Paypal transactions.

PayPal logo1. Always make sure that you directly go to Paypal's website. Type in your browser In case you receive an email informing you to update your Paypal information, verify first if the email actually came from Paypal. Beware of Phishing emails. You must read my post titled Important: Security Alert on Your Paypal Account for more information about the Paypal scam.

In case you don't know what Phishing email means, read this Watch Out For Phishing and Spam Emails.

2. Choose a password with strong security. Use a combination of numbers and letters. As Paypal's recommendation, change your password every 30 days. I also suggest that you use an email address different from your personal email address. Create an email address that is specifically for your Paypal transactions only.

That’s it for now. Remember, “Be safe, rather than regret afterwards

All the best.

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