BuxTo Is Scam!!!

I posted before about BuxTo and shared my opinion if it is scam or not. If you want to read that post, click Is BuxTo Another Scam Online Program? Well, I have finally decided to include BuxTo in my scam programs list. Why? Because they haven't paid me... and I think they have no plan to pay me at all. It's not only me who claimed that BuxTo is scam. I've read in several forums and blogs saying BuxTo is scam. At first, I did not believe them, but after my experience of not receiving my own earnings, then I can certify them as scam.

I reached their $10.00 minimum payout last December 15, 2007 and I immediately requested for a payout. According to their FAQ, it will only take a maximum of 30 days to send my earnings thru my Paypal account. Thirty days is a long wait. Why would sending only $10.00 take that long??! Okay... though that's a long wait, I still waited. Today is February 8, 2008 and I still have no news on why my earnings haven't arrived at my Paypal account yet. It's been 54 days!!!

I tried contacting them but to my disappointment, they don't have a Contact Us option. What a scam!!! I currently have more than $20 in my BuxTo account but I no longer care. They even switched their mode of payment from Paypal to AlertPay without informing their members. There are a lot of discrepancies on their website too.

htttp://Bux.To is scam. Don't join!!! Even though it's free to join, you will just waste your precious time.

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