I joined Smorty on the third week of January, 2008, and after more than two weeks of being their active member, I received my first payment with the total of $121.20 straight in my Paypal account. I am not posting my proof of payment to brag, but I just want to prove that Smorty really pays. If you are not yet a member of Smorty, then I recommend joining as this one is legitimate and pays on time. There is no reason to be skeptical as I can prove they are genuine. You can see my first proof of payment below:

Smorty Proof of Payment
When I contacted Smorty last Monday, their support staff said that my payment will supposedly arrive on Friday (which is yesterday)... but I was amazed because I received my earnings a day before yesterday. Imagine that. It's a bit earlier than expected.

So what should I do with my earnings... maybe save it. Anyway, if you have a blog and want to make money with it, join Smorty. Click here to join now for free. See you there :D

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