Keep It Simple And Short

Keep It SimpleI read different blogs as often as everyday to check how successful and newbie bloggers design their blog’s layout and create their contents. By doing this, I learn a lesson or two everyday. As the saying goes, learn from the experts :D

As I check different blogs, I distinguish the good and bad things about them. Well, most of the successful blogs I read are well written and beautifully designed. However, there are some mediocre and starting blogs that are, no offense, not appealing to the eyes.

As a reader, it is irritating when you read a post that is written very long. Even more annoying when you realize you don't know where the idea is going. It is getting redundant as you read further. Even more irritating when you see some grammar and spelling errors, right?

Instead of continuing, I stopped reading and close such blogs immediately. I think most readers will do what I have done, right? I believe no one want to read blogs and articles like that.

Anyway, as a blogger, I don't want to do such mistakes. I know how it feels to be a reader, because I am too. I know how it feels reading articles that are long, complicated, and flawed.

With these in mind, I will keep my every post short and simple, omitting the grammar and spelling errors. I admit no one is perfect. All of us will commit mistakes in one way or another. We may be aware or not, we have already posted articles with some errors in it. In case it is not yet too late correcting them, then do so.

If you, in any case, find any error here – could be spelling, grammar, or redundancy - please let me know by leaving a comment after the post. Once received, I will correct it immediately :D

As a blogger, I believe it is important to remember “the simpler, the better.”

Now, have a look at your own blog and read your articles. Will you continue reading? If not, what pulls you away from your articles?

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