Google Adsense logoI am sure you've already heard what Google Adsense is. In case you don't yet, then keep on reading.

Google Adsense is an advertising program run by Internet giant Google. Google Adsense allows you to sell advertising space on your blog or website. The program enables you to display relevant text and banner ads on your blog’s content pages. They pay you a certain fee when the visitor clicks on the ad. Because the ads are targeted your visitors’ interests, you earn and at the same time enhance your content pages.

To be an Adsense Publisher, you first need to be accepted into the program. The first step is to sign up a free account at Google Adsense. To sign-up, click the Google Adsense button on the sidebar of this page. Be sure that your blog complies to the Adsense's Terms and Service in order for it to be approved. Once Google receive your application, they will review your blog to verify if you have the necessary traffic and the content.

Once you are accepted, you can then set up your Google ads and incorporate the Javascript code into your accepted blog. After successfully placing your code, targeted ads will start showing up on your blog.

There isn’t any sense why a blogger can’t make money from Google Adsense program. Definitely, there is hundred of dollars worth reasons to make money from Google Adsense considering your blog has good content and high traffic. So what are you waiting for, sign-up now :D

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