Why Use Free Blogger Platform?

BloggerYou may ask me if why I am using a free Blogger platform, not Wordpress or any other self hosted platform. You may even question me "If you really make money online, why are you using a free blogspot account?" Well, I do make money online, but it’s not because I am using a free hosted blog, it means I can’t afford to have one. Well, I got my own reasons why I choose Blogger, just like any bloggers do.

In my opinion, choosing a suitable blogging platform depends on the blogger himself. His technical expertise must be taken into consideration before deciding if he should go for Blogger, Wordpress, or any self hosted platform.

I use the free Blogger platform because, obviously, aside from being free, it's easier to use and user friendly - which is a big factor to newbie bloggers like me. Some average bloggers, even professionals, says in forums that Wordpress is better than Blogger. I admit, one blogger even advised me to switch to Wordpress and offered help.

Sound great. But, honestly I am not yet ready for Wordpress or any other platform. I am satisfied with Blogger and everything is great with me. I like my template. I am now familiar with almost everything about Blogger. I am not very proficient with HTML especially PHP so I think I have to stick using Blogger for now. If time comes that a need for switching to another platform arise well let's see. As of now, I will keep myself with Blogger.

I know different bloggers who became successful in blogging using the Blogger platform so I think I can be like them too. I also heard that Google prioritizes Blogger blogs... so since there are a lot of benefits in using Blogger in my case, why should I switch? Not yet :D

Now you know why I am using the Blogger platform, can you also share which platform are you using and why?

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