SlashmySearchToday, I revisited my SlashMySearch account to see if I can request my earnings. I no longer actively use the said program because a lot of people are saying it was scam. Just to check if I can now request for payment, I login. There is nothing to lose if I try, right. Who knows :D

To date, I have $46.33 in my account. I am sure most of the earnings were accumulated from my commission on my referrals. Since I have earned more than the minimum $20 payout, I immediately click on "Request Payment" link. Wow, my request was processed. It seems like SlashmySearch is now active. I was only able to cash out $46.19 because the remaining can not be withdrawn yet. I also received the following message from the Admin:

"Your payment request for $46.19 has been processed and you should receive it within 1-3 business days (5-14 business days for checks). According to your account information we will use the payment method paypal and it will be made out to Thank you for being a member and remember to keep searching and earning."

Hmmnn, I have 1 to 3 business days to wait for my $46.19 earnings. Not bad. I will give updates soon if I received my earnings or not. For now, in case you want to join SlashMySearch and make money too, click Get paid to search with SlashMySearch for more information. See you there.

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