Tha Guru LogoAfter logging in to my BlogCatalog account, I received a messages coming from a friend named Hoto. He invited me to join his $25 contest at his Tha Guru blog. This is my first time joining in blogging contests and I am very much excited about the said contest. Hopefully I will win, so I get more motivation with blogging (Remember my post on how frustrated I was after my Pagerank sink to zero?). Well, in case I won't make it, it's okay. There is always a next time. But hopefully (with my fingers crossed), I will.

Joining is easy. All you have to so is write a post about his contest on your blog. No required minimum words, no anchor text, no SEO optimization, and definitely no money involved. So, if you have a blog, you can absolutely participate. You have nothing to lost, except five or ten minutes of your time. Winners will be randomly selected. So if you have some free time now, why don't you create a post about Tha Guru's $25 contest, and wait for the announcement? Who knows, you will be the winner. Remember, you can't achieve it if you won't start. In this case, you can't win if you won't participate :D

Once you are done with your post, leave a comment at Tha Guru with your post link, then wait for the winner. Hurry, as this contest will only run until April 30. See you there.

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