That's right. I need help with my Google Adsense account. I hope anyone can help me here :D I really appreciate it because I am a bit frustrated now. Please read my concern below and hope you leave a message on what should I do.

On January 26 this year, I received an email from Google Adsense informing me that my Google Adsense Personal Identification Pin has been sent through my physical address and I have 160 days to activate my account. On the email, I was informed that I should be expecting the Adsense postcard within 2-4 weeks. However, after double checking my account, I found out that my address was incorrect. I don't have my Street address. Given that fact, I did not receive my Adsense PIN after 4 weeks, so I requested another PIN on February 12 after modifying my address with the correct one.

I was informed I should receive the PIN within 3-6 weeks or 42 days to be exact. That means I should expect my PIN not after March 26, 2008. The problem is, today is the 42nd day. I already requested another PIN last week, because I was worried why I haven't received my second requested PIN yet. I am sure I provided the correct address.

My request last week is my last chance and I have again 42 days to wait. If I won't receive it again, that means I can no longer request another. And if I don't have my PIN, I can't activate my account. If I can't activate my account until June then it will be disabled. Oh no!!! I have earned $220 already and that's a big lose to me.

Please help. What should I do. Should I wait for the third email or should I email Adsense Admin in as early as now. Does anyone of you encountered this similar incident? Thank you.

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