How To Make Money With Project Wonderful Proof of PaymentI joined Project Wonderful last month - April 1, 2008 to be exact - and on April 30, I reached the minimum $10 pay-out. I made a request on May 1, 2008 and to my amaze, Project Wonderful customer service immediately sent my money not longer than 24 hours. Yesterday, I received my $10 earnings. Well, it is not a big money but $10 is still $10. I can buy two - or maybe three - cups of Starbucks coffee with this, ayt?

I made a payment request to check if Project Wonderful is genuine in paying their members and how long it will take for them to pay their members. Well, as you can see on the picture of proof I included on this post, they really pays instantly.
What is Project Wonderful?
In case you are wondering what this service is, well, it is another program where you can make money online as a blogger. When I say as a blogger, I mean you must have a blog in order to make money with this program. As usual, registration is free and open to international members.

How To Make Money with Project Wonderful?
It is easy. Just create your own advertising widget and place it in your blog sidebar. Once an advertiser advertises on your blog, you make money. You set the price from as low as 1 cent per day per advertiser to as high as you wanted. You can place as many as five widgets on one blog. The more widgets and the more advertiser, the more cash you can earn. However, your blog must be generating satisfactory amount of traffic before you can get advertisers.

Once you earned a minimum of $10, you can then request for pay-out. Easy right? Just place your widget and wait for the money to come by ;0 To join, just go to

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