Is Project Wonderful Scam?Earlier today, I came to a blog post wherein the author was claiming that Project Wonderful is scam. She listed several reasons why she thinks it is not genuine. I can't blame her for those things she enumerated because after all, it's her own opinion. I have to respect that. If she thinks it is scam then so be it.

In contrast to her post, I would like to give my opinion about Project Wonderful if it is scam or not. I joined this online opportunity last month, April 1 and exactly 30 days after joining, I earned the $10 minimum pay-out . I made a request immediately to check if it really pays and they did paid me within 24 hours upon request. Check my Project Wonderful Proof of Payment here.

So the question is "If it is scam then why do they pay their members. I don't think it is scam at all. It is legitimate and paying.

It is true that it is not easy making money with the program, especially if your blog is not generating high traffic - but $10 a month is better than nothing, ayt? Placing advertisement banner in my blog's sidebar waiting for an advertiser to bid won't hurt. I don't have to worry if someone will click the ads. All I have to concentrate on is the traffic to keep people from advertising.

Now, is Project Wonderful scam? In my opinion, the answer is NO.

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