I heard from a blogger friend that there was a Pagerank update recently. To be honest, I wasn't excited about it. Why? It's because after I lost the Pagerank of this blog months ago, I never give attention to Pagerank anymore. As long as this blog is generating traffic and I am making money online, I am happy. I stopped doing paid r*views with this blog right after I lost its PR and so far, I am still satisfied with my online earnings. (I think PR is only beneficial if you do paid r*views).

Just to verify, I checked the Pagerank of this blog thinking "Who knows?". I don't actually expect to have a PR at all. I wasn't surprised after confirming it was still a PR0 blog, same with my other personal blog.

After losing my PR, I stopped link building or even directory submission just to gain back my PR. So what can I expect, ayt? I even did not attempt to submit an appeal to Google to bring back my rank. What for? Who needs PR when you can make money even without it?

Anyway, I am happy because my other five-month-old blog remain at PR2 while my other three-month-old increased from 0 to 3. I am not so sure how Google algorithm was computed and I don't want to learn it ;0... With or without a rank, I am happy ;0 ... as long as I am making money?

How about you?

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