Make Money Online With AWSurveysA.W.Surveys is another program to make money online for free where you get paid to complete surveys. I heard about this online opportunity last month and after knowing someone was paid, I joined immediately.

With A.W.Surveys, you get a $6.00 bonus for your welcome survey. On your first day of doing surveys, you can earn up to $27 (if you complete all reviews available). If you have a lot of friends to invite, you can gain $1.25 for each referral, which means if you can get a minimum of 100 people joining under you, you can make $125.00 immediately. Payment is processed thru Paypal and check. If you choose the first option, the minimum payout is $75 but you will only received $50.

However, there has been a claim that A.W.Surveys is scam. Many members have been saying they never received any payment (there are some who had been paid, though). Aside from that, some members no longer get more surveys for A.W. surveys, unlike before.

So, the question is, is A.W.Surveys scam or not? The choice is yours. As for me, I no longer actively participate with this program. Why? Because I cannot login with my account ever since the next day after joining. I never received any reply from the Admin too. So, if my opinion were to asked, A.W.Surveys is nothing but scam ;0

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