Making money blogging is sometimes not easy - and frustrating too - especially when you earned nothing in a day. I feel frustrated especially when the number of my visitors decreases momentarily. For me, the lesser the traffic, the lesser the income. As possible, I wanted my visitors to increase everyday to increase my earnings online.

My last post in this blog was June 3 - that means it is almost a week without an update!!! Why the big gap? I was so lazy to think of a topic to post, actually ;0

What did I get with my laziness? Well, my daily income was stable - maybe because most of my online earnings are coming from my other blogs - but the traffic of this blog decreased almost half of my daily visitors ;(

I noticed that when I do not posts regularly I get less visitors - not only with this blog but also to my other blogs. Thus, I planned to update this blog every other day to increase, if not maintain, the traffic of this blog.

Like me, I bet you do not want your visitors count to decrease daily too, right? If you are planning to be a serious blogger, it is important to set a blogging frequency for yourself too. Well, I don't mean you should post daily because I know it is not easy to do. I am sure there are some days you might just have a blank mind. Posting at least 3-4 times a week is good to start with, but if you can post daily it is even better ;0

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