How to make money online with Google Knol, you might ask. Or maybe this is the first time you ever heard about this program.

Obviously, Google Knol or simply Knol or sometimes Googlepedia for some, is owned by the owner of the world's largest search engine, no other than Google itself.

What is Knol? Let's take the definition coming from Google's blog:
" Blogs are great for quickly and easily getting your latest writing out to your readers, while knols are better for when you want to write an authoritative article on a single topic. The tone is more formal, and, while it's easy to update the content and keep it fresh, knols aren't designed for continuously posting new content or threading."

Like Blogger, Knol has simple web authoring tools that make it easy to collaborate, co-author, and publish. Your readers will be able to add comments and rate your article, and, if you want, they'll be able to suggest edits that you can then either accept or reject.

How Can I Make Money With Knol? Here's the exciting part, don't you know that we can make money with Knol for free? Here's how: Just like in Blogger, you can also choose to include ads from AdSense in your knols to perhaps make a little money.

That's it. I am not yet sure if I will give it a go... maybe I will think about it one of these days... Well, I think it is another good program to make money online and I believe it is genuine since it is from Google itself. But of course, I have to think it over if I qualify. Hehehe.

Til then ;0

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