Months ago, I posted an article talking about traffic is queen and content is king. I bet most bloggers, professionals or newbies, agree with me. Of course, traffic and good content works together. Without the other, it's impossible to be a successful online moneymaker, either by blogging or Internet marketing.

However, there are some - or should I say a lot - bloggers saying "More traffic means more money". Thus those newbie bloggers out there concentrate more on generating traffic and missing the real deal.

If you were to ask my opinion, based on my experience, I would say "More traffic does not actually mean more money". The real statement is "More targeted traffic means more money".

For example, this blog only generates at least 100 to 200 unique visitors a day coming from search engines a day. But I don't worry, because I am sure those visitors are targeted - the most likely they join my affiliate links or visit my advertisers.

I stay with my niche. I don't post for-traffic-only articles (I mean, se0 0ptimized keywords not related to my niche). The point is: What's the use of getting visitors if you don't benefit from them - or worst, they won't benefit from you because of reading your information-less post.

I prefer having few hundred visitors a day but having a lot of people who sign-up under my referral links rather than having a lot of visitors who will leave my blog and never come back again.

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