I received an anonymous message the other day, August 13, 2008 revealing me his Paypal email address and password - as seen on the photo attached. You can click the image to enlarge it. Sorry, I hid the information for privacy purposes.

I am not sure if the person who left it is serious or at the right state of his mind. Why did he gave me his Paypal private information? I am still wondering right now...

I haven't tried yet if this is for real... because I don't have the guts to do so enter the info in Paypal. Just an advice to people out there wanting to make money online free... It is safe to give Paypal email address, but never your password. If you do so, you'll lose your hard earned money for hackers out there. Hope this is a lesson learned ;0

Whoever you are (the person who left the message), don't worry your info is safe with me. Just change your password right after you read this, okay?

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