RevResponse is not scam afterall, as it really pays. Well, actually, the payment I received wasn't an earning for me. I joined their promo on July about creating a post in my blog about their services to receive a $50 in my Paypal account. I gave it a "go" because I have nothing to lose, except about 30 minutes of my time in learning and creating a short article about RevResponse... and viola!!! After less than a month of waiting, I got my money sent as you can see on the image below:

RevResponse Proof of Payment
I thought I will receive the money by the end of this month.. but better early than right, ayt? I will save the money for my new phone. I haven't posted the laptop I bought last last week but I will one of these days, I am just too lazy to take some photos.. sorry ;0

In case you want to join RevResponse, just check the link on the sidebar below the Make Money Online With Blogging area... before you register, be sure you have a blog, okay?

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