When I login to my Paypal account earlier today, I can't believe Mylot paid me (for the third time). I can't remember the last time I logged in to my Mylot account. I think it was months ago. I no longer post or join conversations so I am not expecting any payment coming from them. But to my surprise, I was paid as you can see on the photo attached below.

Well $14.27 is, again, not a big money - but it is still money especially when it is free. I say free because I received it without any effort on my part. I guess, this is the fruit of my efforts of getting referrals before. I can't believe I have almost 500 referrals. Everyday, someone is registering through my affiliate link...

So in case you want to generate free money, join Mylot and post your referral links everywhere. Check my post on How To Get A Lot Of Referrals for tips. In time, you will just get surprised every time you receive payments even you did nothing. That's what they call "Residual income".

Mylot Proof of Payment

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