You want to earn some cash with your computer with Internet connection, so you set-up a blog or site hoping you can be one of the A-list bloggers out there who make thousand of dollars a month? While looking for ways to make money online, you might have learned about Chitika, thus you joined immediately without thinking twice if the program is right for your blog. Months later, you still not reached the $10 minimum payout, so you are about to give up, so you are yourself "How To Make Money Online with Chitika"?

I joined Chitika May this year after reading somewhere that someone is making good money out of it. To test the program myself, I joined and implemented the codes in my other blog one week later. Luckily, I earned $47.12 by the end of the month which I received after 30 days. Check the proof here: Chitika Proof of Payment.

I have been paid by Chitika thrice already totaling $161.92 as seen below. I earned about $80 this month which I will receive after 30 days. Well, this earnings is not big compared to my Adsense earnings, but just as what I always say, money - big or small - is still money, especially when it's free.

How To Make Money Online With Chitika

So, to answer the question How To Make Money Online With Chitika? It's simple. Place Chitika ads on blogs or sites that targets the audiences. I don't put Chitika codes in this blog because I think my visitors will not click on the graphic ads not related to making money online. Chitika widgets are only good for technology, entertainment, sports, even personal blogs.

Thus, if you wanted to make money with Chitika, place their ads on similar blogs as mentioned above and never on Make Money Online or unrelated blogs, because if you do, you are just wasting the ad space.

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