MoneyIt's been a long while since I last log-in in my Blog Catalog account, so earlier today I decided to finally open it and check some shout-outs from my fellow Blog Catalog members. To my someone sent me a weird message. He (name is not disclosed for privacy, you know who you are) informed me that he read my post about making money for referring friends and since he is not from the US, he can't complete any offers to gain credit. To my amaze, he informed me that he will be my referral if I have to deal with him that I will pay him back since he won't me able to complete any offer.

Weird isn't it? Why should I pay him back? I did not reply and erased his message instead. He was weird and I don't know if he really knows the process of making money for referring other people. Never mind him. I don't need additional referrals anyway. I have already 65 people that signed under my referral link. Thanks to all who signed under me. Please complete an offer so we will all gain credits ;D

Let's see if CustomOrderThis is genuine. Someone sent me a message that it is scam. Well,
I still can't say a word because I am still waiting. As far as the forums I read, it is legit. I still haven't completed an offer. Let's wait and see. Check out for my updates soon.

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