Money Can I earn money online for free registration with my Paypal account? This is the primary question I have in mind ever since I started learning on how to earn money just by being online. I live outside the United States so as much as possible, I look for programs that pay international members thru Paypal.

Here's a list of free programs to make money that pays thru Paypal. Note that all of these programs are free to join and anyone from all over the world can join. If you don't have a paypal account yet, you can create a FREE Premium account here.

1. MyLot - You get paid to discuss your interests, just any topic under the sun such as music, making money, entertainment, celebrity, technology, life, etc. This is a great place to socialize and discuss. Great place to mingle and meet other people from all over the world too. Minimum payout is $10.
- First MyLot Proof of Payment - $20.61
- Second MyLot Proof of Payment - $15.08

2. Ximmy - You earn 1 point for every post that you comment to and 1 point for every picture, story, or video that you share. If you review website links, you earn 4 points. Each point is equivalent to 1 cent which means for every 1,000 point equals $10.00. Register now and receive a $5 sign-up bonus by joining their affiliate program. You only need a minimum of 1,000 points to cash out via your Paypal account.
- First Ximmy Proof of Payment - $30.00

3. YouSayToo - It is a revenue sharing community that rewards you for sharing and socializing online. You get paid to write articles, upload and games. The more people read your content, the more you make. The program is still new but I am confident that it is a legitimate program. I will post proof of payment soon once I reached the payout and they paid me.

4. Hits4pay - You earn 2 cents everytime you visit advertiser's website. $25 minimum pay-out and you receive $10 sign-up bonus.

5. Yuwie - You make money to socialize. It works like Friendster or MySpace... the only difference is that Yuwie pays it's members through their activities.

6. SharedReviews - You share your review to each products and services you've used on their website. No need to post your review on your blog. You make 2 dollars each post you make.
- First SharedReviews Proof of Payment - $10.00

7. ShareApic - You share photos and galleries and when someone views the pictures you uploaded, you earn money.

Make Money With Your Blog - If you have a 90-day old blog or older, you can join these sites for free. Sorry I can't post the proof of payments with some of the programs below as they are against the program's policy ;( Anyway, you can rest assured the these sites are genuine and paying.

8. Sp0ns0red Reviews - My favorite money maker. Your blog must be at least 90 days old before it will be approved.

9. Sm0rty - My second favorite, but recently, opportunities are already rare... but they do pay their members.

10. Chitika - Highly recommended. You earn every time a visitor click the Chitika widget. You only need to earn $10.00 to request payout.

11. MoreNiche - An affiliate program where you receive commission as high as $20 per sale. Great program to join.

12. Bidvertiser - It is a good and competitive program wherein you get paid per click generated by your site's visitors. Minimum payout it $10.00.
- First Bidvertiser Proof of Payment - $12.95

13. Widgetbucks


15. Linkworth

That's all for now. Just join these programs if you are serious in making money online.

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