Earlier today, I logged in to my MyLot account to check my earnings to date and I was surprised seeing I only got $2.39 remaining in my balance. I immediately logged in my Yahoo email address for my Paypal transactions to check if MyLot had paid me. It was confirmed!!! I received my second pay-out amounting $15.08 as you can see on the attached image.

Truth is, I was expecting the payout tomorrow, May 15 and it was a day earlier. This was my second payment coming from MyLot and my first one was received December last year with the amount of $20.65. Click here for the MyLot Proof of Payment - Part I.

I no longer join discussions in MyLot. I seldom log-in to my account, only once a week to be exact - just to check my commissions from my referrals. This means, the money I received today was my share from those kind people who joined under me. Thus, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my 81 referrals for actively participating MyLot. Thanks all ;0

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