Adsense And Making Money OnlineIt's the end of the month again... and what should I expect? My Google Adsense earnings!!! I got my Adsense money via Western Union Quick Cash again. It was sent by Google on June 23, but I just claimed it yesterday and I am happy because all my blogging efforts are now starting to pay me off.

Someone asked my Adsense secret few days ago just after I published my last month's Adsense proof of payment. Want to know my answers? Here are some of my secrets (that are no longer secret right after you read this):

- Read the Adsense blog regularly for helpful monetization tips.
- Create quality content.
- Proper Ad placement and coloring scheme.
- Concentrate with targeted traffic coming from search engines.
- Avoid your Adsense account from getting banned. Follow the program's policies and TOS.
- Just keep being honest and avoid asking your readers to visit your sponsors because the more likely they won't.

Actually, the tips mentioned above are no longer secret. I am sure some bloggers already mentioned them in their own blog before. However, in case you are not aware, feel free to apply them ;0

Good luck!!! Anyway, here's my Adsense earnings last month which I received yesterday. I hope this will inspire and help you not lost your momentum in making money with Google Adsense.

Adsense Proof of Payment

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