Today, ProjectWonderful paid me again. It is already my third time receiving payment coming from them. The first one amounts to $10, then $15, and today another $15. This means I already made a total of $40.00 from them. Not bad. Because all I did was to embed their code in my blog/s and wait for advertisers. No need to wait for clicks, as I get paid for every impressions my blog gets.

A lot of bloggers are claiming ProjectWonderful is Scam but I can assure you it is not. I have been paid and here is another proof.

So, if your blog is getting fair traffic, why not embed a ProjectWonderful widget in your blog. Making extra 10 to 20 dollars is not bad. It can pay your Internet bills or buy you and your friends a delicious lunch.

Just a little tip: If your blog is not getting fair traffic, then I suggest not to join this program, as no advertiser may possible advertise on your widgets.

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