Proof of PaymentYesterday, I received my first ever earnings from amounting 8euros. You can click the image to enlarge, if you prefer.

Hmmmn another 8euros or about $15 is not bad. All I did is to embed their code in my other blog for one month - now, here is the money. Just a small space in my blog... no need for impressions and clicks.

Well, it's not that big but money but it is still money.

Anyway, I am officially giving up and ProjectWonderful starting next month because I think making money with them is so slow. I should concentrate with other online programs I joined, maybe Clickbooth or Widgetbucks.

By the way, I am expecting my third payment from Adsense this week and I am so happy because it is higher than the one I received last month (which I gave for my brother's one month allowance and I saved the half)... I am planning to buy two iPhones next month and a new laptop next week... hopefully. Just a price for my blogging and making money journey.

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