Recently, I've been receiving a lot of questions from fellow bloggers and online money makers - both newbies and noobs. Some of these queries were the usual, how to make money online, how to check scam online money making programs, how to deal with spam emails, how to make money online with Chitika, how..., why..., how much..., etc.

Today, I received another anonymous question "Does SlashMySearch pay members?". I think I already posted an article before expressing my opinion about the program. I concluded SlashMySearch is scam for not paying my earnings. I think a lot of their members are also claiming it does no longer pay its members... and when you request a payout, it will be declined.

Before, SlashMySearch pays their members, but no longer. I think the last time I logged in to my account was three months ago. I already forgot my username and password and I have no plan of logging again... because of obvious reason, it does not pay their members.

So, if you are new with SlashMySearch, don't waste your time as it is scam ;0

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