I've been away from blogging for more than a week - 10 days to be exact - because I had a Halloween vacation with my family. I had fun and felt relaxed. I missed blogging. I got my laptop with me but too bad there is no Internet connection in our house in the province. I was too lazy to go in the city so I decided to temporarily not post and enjoy my vacation.

So, I am back to with my how to make money online blog and ready to earn some cold cash. Hehehe.

With my absence in blogging, I admit my traffic decreased. If you are a blogger, you know what it means when you lose your traffic - you lose some money as well. Waaaah. But of course, instead of crying over spilled milk, I have to move on and bring back the lost traffic.

My experience on losing traffic taught me a lesson - "Traffic is very important - without it, there is no money". Traffic is money. Traffic is the queen.

Thus, I will be more active this coming days - to increase traffic so I will earn more. Making money online is very challenging and at the same time fulfilling. This journey has taught me a lot, earned me satisfying, and bought me a lot of things. So, I need traffic.

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