Time slips so fast. I can't believe I am already at my first blogging anniversary. I remember the first time I published my post with this make money online free blog. My original plan with this blog is to serve it as the domain for my referral links but my goal changed over time.

My first article was about Hits4Pay, with some basic description and my referral URL, of course. But I was introduced to Google Adsense and I've learned it to be one of the best money maker in the Internet. Hoping my application to be approved, I deleted my first few posts to comply with GA's TOS.

Now I use this blog as my success online diary tackling my online earnings as a "free" blogger. I did not invest a single penny - the reason why I entitled this blog as "How to make money online free", and I am so glad I am making good amount. I may not be earning thousands of dollars each month, but still making few hundred bucks is satisfying especially when you get them at no cost.

To sum up, here's my success stories in my first blogging anniversary.
- GA paid me 5 times already and my sixth will be delivered by the end of the month.
- Widgetbucks paid me once amounting 82.29. Check proof here: Widgetbucks Proof of Payment
- Bidvertiser paid me twice - Bidvertiser Proof of Payment
- MyLot paid me 5 times - MyLot Proof of Payment
- Hits4pay paid me twice - HitsPay Proof of Payment
- Dneero paid me twice - Dneero Proof of Payment
- Ximmy paid me once - I still have remaining balance of more than $100 (Too bad they are no longer issuing payments. Grrrr.)
- Kontera paid me thrice - Kontera Proof of Payment
- Chitika paid four times - Chitika Proof of Payment
- Blogsvertise, Sm0rty, Sp0nsoredReviews, PayperP0st, RevResponse, Bloggerwave, Matched.co.uk paid me too.

My future goals? To double my earnings during my first year. Good luck to me ;0

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